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ARP- Society for the Advancement of Critical Thinking (ARP-SAPC)

ARP-SAPC is a non-profit organization based in Spain dedicated to the promotion of skepticism, reason, secularism, and critical thinking.
Since it was founded in 1986, ARP-SAPC has been a rational alternative to credulity and claims of the paranormal.

ARP-SAPC publishes the skeptical magazine “El Escéptico” and the digital magazine “El Escéptico Digital”.

Other activities include:

  • Organizing Madrid Skeptics in the Pub
  • Participating in the organization of Skeptics in the Pub events in Barcelona, Canary Islands, …
  • Giving financial support to activities that promote science and critical thinking, such as documentaries, Skepticamp, etc.
Board of Directors

In the October 24th, 2020 ARP-SAPC General Assembly, the following members were elected to the Board of Directors:

President: Jorge J. Frías Perles presidencia_AT_escepticos.es
Vice-President: Manuel Castro Villares vicepresidencia_AT_escepticos.es
Executive Director: (relieve pending) direccion_AT_escepticos.es
Treasurer: Guillermo Hernández Peña tesoreria_AT_escepticos.es
Secretary: Juan Rodríguez García secretaria_AT_escepticos.es
Board Members:
  Gracia Morales Kurcharski  
  Jesús López Amigo  
  Marisa Marquina San Miguel  
  Coral Fernández Gumiel  
  Soledad Luceño Martínez  
Contact in English: queries@escepticos.es
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